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General Enquiries

Can I order online?

A:Yes! You can order either through our loyalty app ‘MyMavericks’ or we are available on Uber Eats/Door Dash where you can either pick up or have it delivered straight to your door.

Where is my closest Mavericks store?

A: Find your nearest Mavericks store here.

Is Mavericks packaging sustainable?

A: Mavericks packaging is consciously chosen for its sustainable factors; recyclable, compostable, Australian made and FCS (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. All our plastic products are recyclable too.

Where can I redeem my voucher and points?

A: You can redeem points through our app or in the restaurant at the front counter or via the QR Code at your table. 
B: The Self Order Kiosk is unable to accept the MyMavericks app at this stage but we are working on making this happen in the future.  

One of my menu items is missing. What should I do?

A: If you are ordering online through our app, contact our friendly staff so we can rectify the issue as soon as possible.
B: If you are ordering through Uber Eats/Doordash, contact the Uber Eats/Doordash support team through their app.
Loyalty App

How do I reset my password?

A: You can reset your password via the ‘Forgot password’ link on our MyMavericks App login screen. You can provide your registered email address to get the reset link and follow the process.

How do I use the My Mavericks loyalty app?

A: Download the ‘MyMavericks’ app from the Apple app store or Google Play store and create your account using the prompts. Log into the app to order online or in-store and start earning points and vouchers.

How do I place an order on the app?

A: Login to your ‘MyMavericks’ account, you can see options for pickup or delivery. If you are ordering through QR codes on tables in the Restaurant, simply scan the QR code and follow the instructions.

How do I delete items from my order?

A: If the order has not been placed or hasn’t been accepted yet by our staff, simply cancel the order and edit your cart accordingly. If you want to delete items after the order has been accepted by Mavericks staff, simply follow the prompts to get in touch with our friendly staff.

Does Mavericks offer catering for large events/parties?

A:Mavericks would love to cater for your next occasion. Please see the catering section on our website for details on how to order.

Can I customise my meal?

A: We have a range of meal packages to choose from and you can tailor your order to suit your taste and need.

Do Mavericks have any vegan/vegetarian options? 

We have a range of salads and vegetables freshly prepared daily with TLC by our chefs.

Do you use fresh ingredients?

A: We use daily fresh ingredients of the highest seasonal quality and are proud that there are no nasty additives in any of our menu items.
Work with Us

Do you have jobs available?

A: We are always looking for people to join our Mavericks family! If you or someone you know would be interested in a role click here to see our careers page!

How do I apply for a job at Mavericks?

A: Simply follow the link provided and see what jobs are available. Click here!
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